Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent music discoveries

Check out some of my recent favorite music discoveries with this player...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Meat - webcomic

This makes the second webcomic that I've read every single strip.

It *almost* seems that the artist is only recycling vintage cartoon images, which often do not change from frame to frame (only the dialog). The dialog is well thought out and usually pretty clever, if by "clever" you mean "slightly macabre". I'm particuarily fond of Earl the strange pyschopath who rides the bus a lot and rarely appears in public with clothes. This might be what King of the Hill would be like if Tim Burton wrote the dialog.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A daily dose of ... NOOB

Another recent discovery is NOOB, a collection of funny or interesting videos, several added each day. Checking out the latest has been added to my daily regime.

Questionable Content - webcomic

I recently became addicted to the webcomic "Questionable Content" ( a title that doesn't really describe the comic). I spent two days, non-stop, reading the entire archive. *

It gets better with time, in both in art and in humor. It's kind of a soap opera for male dorks (I guess, since I am one and I like it). The initial premise is a young male geek that befriends an interesting but troubled young coffee shop barrista. Everyone is into "indie" music, but if (like me) you don't care for indie music, you can ignore most of the references. What holds one's interest in this strip, is the interesting characters, presented in such a way that you develop a caring relationship with them and can't wait to see what will happen with them next.

Not as good as Doonebury, Bloom County, etc, but not far off from them either. A bit of a comic version of Friends or Coupling.

*There is a number gap about 2/3 of the way through the archives and a little manipulation of the URL is required to continue through the gap.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Playing with KNOL

Google's website is barely a month old. I discovered it about a week ago and have created five articles so far. Check them out and write a review! Please?

Music you haven't heard (but should)

Computer virus removal (Quick & dirty)

Learning Japanese (how to get started)

Posen (Province of Prussia)

Omelets, the easy way

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feist: 1-2-3-4

If you haven't seen the video, here's a rare one that is actually as good as the song.

Wrong reaction to terrorism

We blew it.

I know this won't be popular, but it's what I know to be true. Our response to terrorism, should have been to suck it up and not step over the line and compromise what we have always claimed our values to be.

While I wouldn't advocate *no* reaction, we have wasted trillions of dollars on homeland security. If the US population had the guts to accept an occasional terror strike, we could take all the money that we've spent on homeland security and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and build the Palastinians their own country with income-producing industries. They could eventually grow rich and compete with Israel with wealth instead of bombs.

No longer can we be self-righteous about human rights, etc. We've proven in the last decade, that if we had a Hitler, we'd be Nazis. Politicians have no choice but to react to terror threats in the most extreme measures, to reassure the sheep that they are safe from the wolf. Even if those short term measures have no other possible outcome than to make the long-term situation worse.

UPDATE: Bill Moyer echos these thoughts (see video clip).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New music discoveries (10cc and The Wailin' Jennys)

I've just discoverd 10cc.

I know they've come and gone, but I hadn't heard the non-hits. They're chock-full of what I like (unique, pleasing melodies). The remind me of Flash In The Pan and Sniff 'n the Tears, as well as Queen. It has been suggested that Bohemian Rhapsody was influenced by the 10cc song Une Nuit A Paris, even though they came out about the same time. One of my favorites is "I Wanna Rule the World".

I found the The Wailin' Jennys on a recent Prairie Home Companion. In fact the songs they did on the show were some of their best (for me) work. I prefer their a cappella work is best. Their version of "The Parting Glass" is what I want played at my funeral, "Paint a Picture" is my favorite, and the "Summertime" cover plus "Bring Me a Lil' Water, Sylvy" have all made my playlists.