Thursday, October 4, 2007

More music you need: Nena

More than just "99 Luftballoons", the rest of that album is all gold.


Rette Mich

Nur Geträumt ("Just a Dream")

This one has a cheesy video, but uses the studio version and is therefore better than the live performances.

The tracks from this album are:

99 Red Balloons (English version) (sample)
"?" ("Fragezeichen") (sample)
Hangin' on You ("Ich Häng´ an Dir") (sample)
Just a Dream ("Nur Geträumt") (sample)
Let Me Be Your Pirate ("Lass Mich Dein Pirat Sein") (sample)
Kino ("Cinema") (sample)
Das Land der Elefanten ("The Land of the Elephants") {Love the synthesizer elephants} (sample)
Leuchtturm ("Lighthouse") (sample)
Rette mich ("Save Me") (sample)
Uner Kannt Durch's Märchenland ("Unrecognized in the Fairytale Land") (sample)
99 Luftballons ("99 Balloons", German version) (sample)