Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Princess Di killed by photographer?

Recently released photos confirm that just before the crash, a photographer was directly in front of the car, taking (at least two) flash photos of the inside of the car. This flash would have blinded the driver. According to the police reports, the accident began when the car hit a curb, swerved away, swerved back again and then crashed into a pillar.

Whether or not the white Audi hit the Mercedes, or whether the Mercedes hit the white Audi still appears to be in question. One of the released photos is attributed to "Jacques Langevin", who has claimed for years that he only took pictures at the hotel, and "stumbled" upon the wreck afterwards. Did this famous war-correspondent/journalist kill these people by driving in front of them and blinding the driver with at least two high-intensity flashes?

The USA government gets all concerned if someone points a laser pointer at an aircraft pilot, even if they are thousands of feet away....


Ongoing testimony confirms the above:
Guardian article
A motorist who witnessed the crash ... told how he had seen a "major white flash" moments before the tragedy. ... Mr Levistre described how a motorbike had overtaken the princess's car in the tunnel. ... he had then seen a very bright flash, which had been directed at the Mercedes. ... "The light even came into my car. ... The light was not directed towards me. It was directed towards the car which was behind. ... When I saw the light, I looked into the mirror ... I saw the car going from left to right to left again to get within the pillar." ...

Mr Levistre also told how he had stopped near the exit from the Pont de l'Alma tunnel following the accident ... He saw the motorcycle passenger get off the motorbike, approach the car, and then gesture to the bike's driver before climbing back on and driving off. ... the bike's occupants looked at him before passing his car and leaving the underpass.

He also said he saw a small white car in the tunnel, but maintained that there was no contact between this and the Mercedes.

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